• Remote Clamp (Lvl 2)
    This autoclamp was holding together a hasty repair of cabling and plating inside a MASEBS tower. After some salvage and fine-tuning by Tem, the clamp is now able to close and open by button-press using the detachable control panel. The panel has a maximum range of 500m. Breaking the grip of the clamp is a difficulty 4 task, and even that is probably more from breaking the material it’s clamping down upon.
    **Failure: 1d10
  • Smart Boots (Lvl2)
    With the right application of bodily magic, known as chakra, one can walk on walls and water as if it were concrete. These enchanted LyrandAir™ boots, with glyphs stitched with glimmersilk thread around the edges of the soles, automate the process. For one hour per use, the wearer may walk on rough and difficult terrain, walls, and liquids at no penalty. In low or zero gravity environments, the boots adhere to surfaces and allow normal walking.
    **Failure: 1d100
  • Portable Hole (Lvl4)
    The former possession of Ringmaster Thanatos, one side of this 1.3m x 2m burlap sheet is painted white, and the other has a slight stickiness. A brushed metal attachment to the corner bears a single button. When the sheet is laid out on a flat surface and the button is pressed, the white surface turns into a hatch. Within is an extradimensional pocket approximately ten feet deep, its gravity subjective to one of the narrow surfaces. Several sets of shelves bear boxes of food, water, and survival supplies.
    **Failure: Unknown
  • Spirit Caller (Lvl3)
    In olden times, this would be known as a Wand of Speak With Dead. It seems to be a humanoid finger bone, 20cm long, as if plucked from the skeleton’s wrist. It has plastic reinforcement to keep it rigid, a House Medani sigil on end of the hilt, and a Siberys dragonshard bolted to it in an ad-hoc manner with complicated-looking brass and vine workings lacing around half its length, providing magical power in the absence of a connection with an attuned caster.
    When cast at a dead body, the corpse’s synapses are brought to temporary life for 1d6 minutes, during which it is compelled to answer questions but is otherwise in a similar state to life (usually quite confused). Subjects may gradually pick up cues and clues about their post-vitality circumstances, though, typically resulting in a blind existential panic that overwhelms any compulsions.
    **Failure: 1d10


  • Antivenom (Lvl3)
    This JorasCo™ emergency patch is made up of flecks of bleached basilisk fang mixed in with a heating element in the shape of a dwarven rune of purity. Given that the purpose is to literally brand the outer layer of skin with an instant-action rune keyed to poisons, the process is agonizing but extremely effective.
    • Held by:
  • Datasphere Siphon
    This House Medani crystal set in a headband has a tap into the akashic memory contributed to by all dreaming mortals, more technically known now as the Datasphere. The wearer may learn the answer to one simple question.
    • Held by: Tem
  • Instant Servant (Lvl 2)
    This GolemGuild™ collapsible golem can be activated and given simple instructions to carry out. The approximate size of a suitcase before unfolding, it can travel within long range of its user, performing any menial tasks needed. It has enough charge for 2 hours.
    • Held by: Eglath
  • Mentats (Intellect Enhancement) (Lvl3) x1
    House Thuranni’s proprietary stimulant blend, this pill adds 1 to Intellect Edge for an hour.
    • Held by:
  • Jet (Speed Boost) (Lvl4) x1
    House Thuranni’s premier stimulant, it gives 1 Speed edge for one hour. Side effects include visual distortions, a pleasant tingling, short-term memory gaps, and excessive sweating.
    • Held by: Lorgen
  • Party Time Mentats (Stim) Lvl 1 x1
    The Ministry of Morale developed this euphoric stimulant based off of the Mentat formula. It is extremely addictive, but the pink candy lowers the difficulty of the next action taken by three steps.
    • Held by:
  • Psycho (Sheen) (Lvl1) x2
    Nobody knows what’s in this Kundarak-Tec injection, but it seems to grant increase pain tolerance and a harder skin for an entire day. +1 armor, lowers Might defense difficulty by two steps, but recovery rolls suffer a -1 penalty. Side-effects include increased aggression, bloodshot eyes, high blood pressure, frothing at the mouth, and an increased risk of aneurysm, heart attack, and death by overconfidence-inflicted trauma.
    • Held by:
  • Stimpacks (Rejuvenator) (Lvl6) x1
    An JorasCo™ injector containing standard potions of Cure Light Wounds. This variety heals 6 points in a character’s pool in this order: Might, Speed, Intellect. This cipher does not count toward held cipher limits.
    • Held by:
  • Rad-X x1
    A red and green pill, this JorasCo™ product grants 2 armor against radiation damage for one hour.
    • Held by:
  • Needle Sphere (Lvl3) x1
    A small orb mounted on a shoulderpad, this needler forms a mental connection. Upon activation, it lasts for 3 rounds, during which the wearer can make an attack as a free action. The attack is at -2 difficulty and inflicts 3 damage.
    • Held by: Eglath


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