• Thank You for Not Reading
    On the southern outskirts of Xanthar lies a main hub of the Ministry of Image, the old news coordination, communication, censorship, and propaganda service of pre-war Khorvaire. Kayla said that she’s heard that all such hubs have secret archives where any number of banned books might be found. The bookseller at Mega Mart would pay handsomely for such volumes.
  • A Timing Issue
    Korhil is trapped in a time loop, as well as currently limbless. Find a way to regenerate or replace his limbs, as well as keep him safe until such time as you can break the time loop. Nine, the strange white cabbit, has told you to keep an eye out for areas of unseasonable cold where the Demon Rajah known as Mateus might be trapped, the time-loop megaspell tied to his prison.
  • EC-1101
    Find out what the program called EC-1101 is, what it does, and why Deuce wants it badly enough to kill a theoretically unlimited number of people for it.
    Update: EC-1101 is the result of a secret project by the Ministry of Arcane Sciences. Its purpose is as yet unknown, but in the event of an emergency, it bounced from terminal to terminal over the Aethernet, going down the list of people with enough trust in the hierarchy of Khorvaire to act responsibly with it. Kings, Queens, Ministers, heirs to thrones, certain scions of the Dragonmarked Houses, and finally major figures in industry and culture all failed to accept ownership, until finally it was trapped in the servers of Vault 36 as the Aethernet went down.
    Update: You’ve learned that EC-1101 is something that’s wanted as far away as Karrnath, and that Deuce is after it because Thanatos and his father recruited him and someone named Dr. Cobblestone, from Cragwar.
    Update: The next stop in the list of destinations is the office of Sir Pembroke, whose office resides somewhere in the capital city of Wroat.

Minor Tasks

  • The Mad Hack of MegaMart wants someone to help him provide power to the central servers of the Aethernet, deep in its pocket plane.
  • Bob at Vilbert’s Pub in MegaMart wants help finding rare plant specimens for his garden.
  • Investigate Cragwar and its Democracy Arena Battles
  • Visit Starilaskur and speak to Lobster about the Becoming

– - – - – -

  • Ashes of the Apocalypse
    Stories from the traders that dealt with Vault 36 related that most of the goods in the Wasteland are gleaned from salvage. The closest source of salvage is the blasted remains of Xandrar, a fairly typical trade city on the border of Breland. If you’re looking for salvage to sell in exchange for supplies, Xandrar is the best source close to the Vault.
    Secondary Objective: Find someone to explain the points of interest in Xandrar.
    Update: Kayla, of “Absolutely Everything”, the roving shop and ghoulish author of the Wasteland Survival Guide, told you about the potential salvage opportunities.
  • Domo Arigato, Mister Golemo
    GolemGuild HQ, makers of fine automatons, was a major manufacturer in the area. Though far from the most important in the city, it happens to have the advantage that it’s on the outskirts of the city; thus, when the balefire megaspell hit, the thaumatic explosion only damaged the building instead of wiping it out. A major industrial complex like that probably has some decent supplies — if you can get past its golem defenders.
    Update: You managed to salvage several high-end circuit boards and servos from the pristine clean room in the back of the factory. They should sell well at MegaMart.
  • Shopping Trip
    If you’re going to be wandering the Wasteland for a while to throw off Deuce, you’ll need supplies. If you need supplies, you can get them at Mega Mart. If you know how to ask for it, you can also get information.
    Update: You purchased supplies, ammunition, and ciphers to survive.
  • Karrnies
    The Carnival of Ghouls, led by the young Thanatos, has been entertaining people from as far away from Karrnath, far to the northeast of the continent of Khorvaire. Might be a fun lark… although Gull Withey seems to have something special planned for the creepy ringmaster…
    Update: You disrupted the carnival, looted the office, and burned the tent as a message before setting out in pursuit of Thanatos.
    Update: You killed Thanatos as part of Gull’s revenge for, apparently, Thanatos’ assassination of the head of House Medani and the Warning Guild. In return, he helped you rescue Korhil from Deuce.


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