Gull Withey

You'll be good as new in no time... maybe...


There are many claiming to be healers, miracle workers and the like stumbling out of the Vaults after a long sleep. Dismissive of all the nonsense, Gull considers the whole lot tricksters, preferring to get his hands messy. The Wastelander offers his service as a Sawyer, someone quick with a knife and able to reconnect tissue and bone.

Several Nanos have fainted witnessing the process. Gull uses little more than a saw and some leather straps. The magical community is quick to point out that Gull was little more than a raider, but the ruined native insists that he gets results. Sometimes the pain, drugs and a stitching really does save lives… and sometimes it’s just an injury that might have sorted itself out. Who can really say for sure?

Recently Gull earned the ire of the warforged community, by trying to restore organic parts to those who had “become.” He is terribly hard towards cyborgs, despising mechanical adaptation to the beauty of flesh and bone. He has also made something of a name for himself with the ghouls, as he actively harvests parts from them for study. Raiders of all sorts, however, seem to prize his services, as the mere thought of going under the knife seems to inspire their kind to fight harder to avoid it. Gull owes his allegiance to no particular faction, stating that a doctor’s purpose is always to “do to know harm.”

Gull Withey

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