Tem Peebles


Tem, the timid, is what they called him in the Ministry of Finance. Socially awkward and quiet; Tem would come around during the monthly cogitator maintenance sessions. As well as when he was updating the network security. He rarely talked to the statisticians and tax adjusters tapping away inside their cubicles, though he did find their work a little fascinating. Unassuming he would never ask if he could come and grab a beer nor complain if not invited.

For years he never went to one of the office parties. Content to stay home by himself in his peaceful apartment. As it happened, however; a sudden decision would ensure that he would become employee of the year.

On the day the mega-spells dropped he had decided to invite himself to one of the parties. In this case a New Years party. He arrived and for the first hour or so hung back near the punch bowl, observing the scene. A few people greeted him politely and went om their merry way. When the sky began to darken a feeling of dread filled him. In a rush of adrenaline and liquid courage, he stood up onto a table and yelled out. “We have to get to the vault. It’ll keep us safe.”

To panicked to argue the workers followed Tem down the road towards the closest Vault. They reached it and outside painted on the wall was the number 36. By the time they arrived the door had been shut. Cries of anguish and desperation rose up behind him. The workers had began to panic once again.

Thinking quickly, Tem approached the key pad and in a flurry of hand movements opened the door. “Get in. The Vault staff will take care of you.”

They did as he said and piled into the vault. He followed and closed the door. Just asthe seals of the door hissed, a loud explosion erupted around the vault knocking them to their feet. They awoke with only minor injuries but were grateful to be alive. They enthusiastically thanked Tem with handshakes and hugs.

Tem then went to work maintaining the vault. Going from techie to janitor. He didn’t complain. He felt amazing. He had become a hero.


Tem Peebles

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