My son,

This will be my last communication before I go in for rejuvenation therapy. I will be in contact afterward, but until then, Minister Figri will leave updates in the usual repository.

I was delighted to hear that you awakened your Eyes of Misery during your tangle with the Enclave at Angwar Keep. This is an accomplishment that not even your brothers can yet boast. You are truly worthy of the M.o.D. I’m glad to hear you emerged safe through what, necessarily, must have been a severely life-threatening encounter.

Our MASEBS linkage crawl has borne fruit. I’ve been in touch with someone in Cragwar, a biologist named Dr. Cobblestone. See him and his associate Deuce; they will be able to help you. Firakes has confirmed that the package’s last stop was at Kundarak-Tec’s HQ up in Tower 12, right under our noses; I’m surprised Ilshana d’Orien was going to let Hetty d’Kundarak decide what to do with the package, but she was far, far down the list. Ironically enough, the next stop was GG HQ. Check there, next, but not without backup.

Utter not its name to anyone but your closest allies. If others in Breland should learn of the package’s continued existence, the race will be on, and as much confidence as I have in you, Breland is too far from the seat of our power to be assured of retrieving it, especially out from under the Enclave’s very nose.

Son, I know that you don’t think this is a vital mission. It’s true, we can complete the Grand Orrery without the package. You might think that I’m simply getting you out of the way; however, I can’t stress enough that the package will be able to fulfill our needs without a great deal of resources, risk, and sacrifice that we would otherwise have to endure.

You have trained, and striven, and proven yourself. Now is when it all pays off. You will have my enduring regard upon your successful return.

Until then, all my love,

- K’W1


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